WinRAR–Do the developers use their own product?

I’m starting a recurring topic here called “Do the developers use their own product?” because I keep seeing “features” of products that make me think that those who develop a product don’t use it.  They can’t or they would fix this crap.  Here’s a feature that’s been frustrating me for years.

The WinRAR progress bar is wrong.  It’s status doesn’t make any sense if you have a multi-segment RAR file.  It often only shows status of the first segment.  Here’s an example of a file being reconstructed from 10 segments.


See how the progress bar says it should be finished?  Well, it should show about 30% because it’s on the 5th out of 16 segments.  Why has it been like this for years and many versions?  Don’t the developers and product owners of this product use it themselves?


I think a lot of developers concentrate on the requirements and how to provide bells and whistles without thinking of the actual users.
I started to develop with jQuery a few years ago and I kept trying to inject a cool widget here and there, but every time some one would ask “Why is that happening, I don’t like it..”
So now I just listen to the users or what I like to call “Client Designers” and let them talk about the bells and whistles when we are going over the wire frames.
In my last success story, the client actually called my interface SEXY..

So don’t put in stuff just because, make it useable and informative and make sure it works.
BTW – I always tell everyone that my software is only as good as the Test Cases used to test it.

In my opinion you had to have made this question (or expose the issue) to WinRAR developers.
You can do it at the Feedback page here:
WinRAR and RAR bug reports “”.

Luckily it seems that in the newest version (4.11) this bug is fixed.

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