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Time to Start Blogging Again

passing-time-2-51854c91a8333I know blogs are passé and no one really follows/reads them anymore.  However, I’ve been doing a lot of development in Xamarin lately and running into new (to me) problems every day, so I’m going to document them here and help the SEO world to find the answers again in the future.

And, I’ll try to remember to throw in some stuff about the books I’ve been reading and other interests now and then.

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Dallas TechFest 2014

Dallas TechFest is back! It’s organized by my friend and colleague, Tim Rayburn. This year you can expect excellent content focused on Bleeding-Edge Development, Wicked UX and Next-Gen Mobile Technologies. (including iOS, Windows Phone, NodejS, ASP.NET vNext and Xamarin), plus interesting insights on UX and Mobility from Jared Spool, CEO & Founding Principal of UIE. The ticket price includes the full conference and lunch. Consider attending and please feel free to pass this information on to others you think might benefit from it

2014 Dallas TechFest

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Visual Studio 2013 Quality Tools

I’ve delivered a talk a couple of times recently covering the Quality Tools in Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft Test Manager.  Specifically, this talk covers:Visual_Studio_2013_Logo_svg

  • Unit testing
  • TDD
  • Automatic Test Runner
  • Manual Testing in MTM
  • Recorded Manual Tests
  • Converting Test Recordings in Coded UI Tests (CUIT)
  • Recording CUIT directly in VS
  • Build automation with Tests
  • CUIT Test Automation

I’m uploading my Visual Studio 2013 Quality Tools presentation here, even though it’s not that useful without the product demos to go with it.  I guess it’s primarily reference materials for those who have actually seen the presentation.  Maybe I’ll do screen-shots later and embed them to make it more stand-alone.

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Indicating Blocked Tasks in TFS 2012 & 2013

Here’s a nice little add-on to TFS that enhances the Task Board to visually show when a task is blocked, as well as a couple of other little goodies:

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How to Delete a LinkedIn Contact

Today I accidentally touched the Accept button on a LinkedIn spam request.  Then I had to go searching for how to remove a contact, which is not obvious.  Here are the steps I found that worked:


  1. First, select the Network tab on the top menu bar.  This shows you the list of all of your contacts.
  2. Unfortunately, the list is in no particular order.  So the next step is to change the sort order by clicking the down arrow next to Sort by and selecting New.  This will put your latest connection at the top of the list.
  3. Now you have two options: (1) Check the box next to the contact you want to remove, then click the arrow next to the top More option.  There you can select Remove connection from the drop-down list. (2) Alternatively, when you hover over an individual contact, a menu of options appears at the bottom of the contact item. There you can click the arrow next to the lower More option and select Remove connection from the drop-down list.
    That’s it!  You have successfully removed your spam contact.
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Windows 8 App Store Issues

Yesterday and today I had problems downloading new apps from the Windows App Store on my Windows 8 tablet.  I finally found a post in the Windows Forums about resetting the App Store Cache.  Basically, run this utility from the command line or Start | Run menu. 


Here’s the original article.  I had to use Method 3.

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Melissa Meeker Nominated for Top Female Executive Award

One of my awesome colleagues at Improving is up for an award.  If you know Melissa (often responsible for coordinating our community events and get-togethers, plus all of the awards that Improving wins) please go vote for her.


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