Indicating Blocked Tasks in TFS 2012 & 2013

Here’s a nice little add-on to TFS that enhances the Task Board to visually show when a task is blocked, as well as a couple of other little goodies:

Windows 8 App Store Issues

Yesterday and today I had problems downloading new apps from the Windows App Store on my Windows 8 tablet.  I finally found a post in the Windows Forums about resetting the App Store Cache.  Basically, run this utility from the command line or Start | Run menu. 


Here’s the original article.  I had to use Method 3.

PowerPoint Broadcast Service

PowerPoint Broadcast ServiceI just accidentally discovered a very cool feature of Microsoft PowerPoint while practicing my presentation for Devscovery Houston

While trying to click Shift-F5 to start my presentation from the current page, I instead clicked Ctrl-F5 and stumbled upon the Broadcast Slide Show feature. 

This is a great way to share a presentation without a webcast if you’re already on a phone conference.

AMD Catalyst for Windows 8

AMD have finally released a beta Catalyst driver and control center app that works with Windows 8.  This solves the problem I’ve had for the last month of video not scaled to the whole size of my external monitor when running full resolution. 


Links for Today

After re-installing Windows 8 to fix some broken IE10 beta behavior, I had a Windows.old directory that wouldn’t let me delete it.  Here’s a tutorial on cleaning it up.

Remote Server Admin Tools

Where have you been all my life?!?!?  You can tell I’m not a real IT Pro because I’m just discovering the RAST package.

Here is RSAT for Windows 7 and RSAT for Windows 8 Preview.  Now I can manage Hyper-V from my desktop instead of logging into the server or even a dedicated admin console machine.

Links for the Day

A new SQL Server 2012 overview eBook is available for free:


Today my Outlook got stuck on top of all other windows.  It looks like a problem with a plug-in.  Here’s how to fix that: